Press loading systems

parrilla rascadores flotantes asitec

Floating scraper multi-format racks 

Asitec Ceramic has patented this multi-format rack system for ceramic moulds, which features floating scrapers. This device offers significant benefits for the ceramic manufacturer, as it reduces wastage in earth materials and time and improves waste management.  

This system contains floating scrapers which substantially improve the unloading of earth materials within the mould cavity and its subsequent levelling, allowing for practically perfect thickness throughout the piece.

This system reduces the loss of earth materials by 90-95% compared to conventional systems; this savings carries significant benefits for the manufacturer, permitting lower production costs.

This floating scraper system also allows users to easily and effortlessly adjust the loading of earth materials according to product demands.

web empujadores moldePushers

Asitec pushers ensure that pieces are not damaged when removed. They are installed at an angle and at a certain height to prevent the earth solidifying on the pushers. These pushers ensure cleaner equipment and tiles that are free from impurities.




placa base moldes ceramicos

Glass Bottom Plate AS-150

One of Asitec’s latests products is a cart which features a bottom plate made of glass; this material is warp-resistant and thus ensures perfect, level loading every time. This system will never wear down and reduces the loss of earth materials.


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Loading carts 

Asitec designs and manufactures carts in all shapes and sizes for ceramic presses. Contact us to find out what we can do for your company.




tolva neumática asitecPneumatic hoppers

Pneumatic hoppers made from stainless steel for floating scraper racks, adapted for all press models.