About us

asitec asistencia técnica

Asitec Ceramic is a young company whose business activity is based on knowledge acquired over decades of work in the ceramic sector. The company combines its experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry with a youthful, dynamic and technologically advanced perspective, always looking for ways to improve the ceramic industry.

Our main objective at Asitec Ceramic is to provide solutions for the mechanical and efficiency-related needs of the ceramic industry and to use the knowledge we gain today in order to find solutions to tomorrow’s problems. In other words, at Asitec we are constantly learning from our experience in order to improve our work each day.

Fruit of our experience as a technical service provider to the ceramic industry are the various products that we manufacture and sell: products that enhance loading systems for presses, traction systems, sieve cleaners, track vacuum systems, mould outlet cleaners, punch changing cart and moulds.

After nearly a decade of experience in this field, Asitec Ceramic has applied its knowledge in over 20 countries across four continents and has about 70 active clients. Our commitment to innovation has led to the development of two patents geared towards improved performance and efficiency in the ceramic manufacturing industry.


Asitec’s quest for and commitment to innovation is reflected in the two patents it has registered in several countries. Our floating scraper rack is patented in Brazil, Italy and Spain (patent no. 201131060) and our traction sleeves are patented in Italy and Spain (patent no. 201030058).